By Ben Drawbaugh posted Apr 30th 2010 10:21PM

Resolution chart

Usually when we’re talking about a Pete Brown of Microsoft it is the one who works on Media Center, but this other Pete gives his opinion on something also near and dear to our heart; he says that HDTVs have ruined the PC display market. His point is that while the technology exists to produce super high dots per inch displays, most are 1920×1200. He’s totally right and we’ve wondered why there aren’t more super high resolution displays for our computers as well, but we’re not so sure it is all HDTVs fault like he says. What we wonder if most people even like super high density displays because either they’re still running XP — that doesn’t let you adjust to high DPI displays — or just because what they have is good enough. In the end, we too want the more pixels, but blaming HDTVs? Nah.