Hands-On: Sony Alpha NEX-5  Interchangeable-Lens CameraEagerly anticipated ever since Sony floated its wood-block concept designs at the PMA show in February, Sony’s Alpha NEX-5 and NEX-3 have finally arrived. Its debut models are the smallest entrants to date, and are agressively priced given their features.

The cameras are nearly identical, differing only in two ways. They have slightly different body designs, with the higher-end NEX-5 composed of magnesium alloy, and the NEX-5 offers full HD AVCHD video recording. For those perks you pay about $100 more. Both cameras come in kits with either an 18-55mm ($299.99 standalone) or 16mm pancake prime lens ($249.99 standalone). We received a production-level NEX-5 just before launch, which gave us time to test it and get some shooting done before announcement—you’ll be able to get yours in July. The full review with more testing experience and ratings for that model should follow relatively soon. (Read about the NEX-3.)