By Engadget staff posted May 12th 2010 at 1:03PM

My So-Called Laptop kicks off a new series of retrospectives where the editors of Engadget detail their first brushes with technology. Join them, won’t you?

We were awkward, young, innocent, and oh-so-nerdy. They were painful times, back when being called a “nerd” wasn’t exactly a compliment, and our best shot at an “internet connection” involved kicking our siblings off the phone and dialing up a BBS for our valued time slot. Still, there were bright lights at the end of the tunnel, and here we are writing at Engadget, having our passion for tech validated on a daily basis by a vibrant industry and an obsessive community. So now, with all sorts of “perspective” and “maturity,” we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane, remembering our very first gadgets through rose-colored glasses. To kick things off? Our first laptops. Most of us started out nerd life chained to a desk, and remember well that first moment when we were able to cut the cord and take our work (or pleasure) on the go. We’ve ordered these from oldest to newest, so the real “olds” get a first crack at showing up the young whipper snappers among us, but what we’re most excited about is hearing what your first laptop was in comments. Don’t be shy, nobody will judge. Probably.