By Chris Ziegler posted May 13th 2010 12:00AM

That new prepaid business for the anti-power user crowd that Sprint was fixing to launch? Yeah, it’s here and it’s official: meet Common Cents Mobile. Billed as a way to help folks “cut unnecessary costs,” Common Cents Mobile is about as simple as it gets, offering pay-as-you-go 7-cent minutes and 7-cent text messages, plus unlimited messaging for $20 a month and data for $1 per megabyte per day. The bigger news, though, might be that voice minutes round down, which is a first in the US market as far as we know (in other words, frugal customers will want to make sure they hang up 59 seconds into the minute). As you might expect, the handset selection is bare-bones and easy on the pocketbook, consisting of the LG 101 at $19.77, the Samsung M340 at $39.77, and Kyocera’s portrait QWERTY S2300 coming in at $69.77 — all totally contract-free, of course. Look for these all to launch in select Walmarts across the land starting this Saturday, May 15. Follow the break for the full press release.