By Sean Hollister posted May 13th 2010 6:57AM

Philips‘ Master LED bulbs may well have been forgotten in the US — as far as we can tell, they never showed up for that hot date last July — but it’s hard to be miffed when the company’s new bulbs, dubbed EnduraLED, are four times as bright. Due in the fourth quarter of the year, the 60W equivalent at left sucks down only 12 watts of electricity but emits a reported 806 lumens of soft white light — a ratio green enough to save the world, Philips claims, if only you’ll buy in. Problem is, people’s generosity typically depends on price, and a company rep told us we’ll shell out around $60 per bulb when the shiny silver socketables ship. Mind you, that’s just an initial figure, but until we hear different we’ll be going to Home Depot for our lighting needs, thank you very much. Press release after the break.