By Michael Gartenberg posted May 16th 2010 8:16PM

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There are some devices that are universally loved or reviled — I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think HTC EVO 4G is awesome, or anyone who doesn’t think the WikiReader was awful. Then there are some that seem to be quite polarizing, and these are the ones that I’m usually most interested in — just listen to Joshua Topolsky and me debate Kin on the Engadget Podcast, for example. The latest of these polarizing devices is the Sony Dash. The Dash is hard to categorize. It’s a connected screen, based in part on the venerable Chumby. Nilay Patel was somewhat lukewarm about it. Ross Rubin likes it and the Wall Street Journal was somewhat ambivalent about it. Here’s what I’ve learned from a few days living with one on my nightstand. [Read More]