By Tim Stevens posted May 18th 2010 10:17AM

Google's VOIP buying spree continues with Global IP Solutions  offer

We’re not entirely sure what Google is up to, but we’re inclined to think that there’s an awful lot of voice over IP magic coming, with the company announcing the anticipated acquisition of another VOIP company. Back in November it acquired Gizmo5 for about $30 million, and now it has made a $68.2 million offer for Global IP Solutions. That company provides VOIP solutions for a number of clients, including Yahoo, and recently announced plans to release an Android library that would enable easy video conferencing in apps. We’re guessing someone in Menlo Park liked what they saw and decided to bake it right into the OS, but that’s pure, unfounded speculation. This offer still needs to be approved by 90% of Global IP’s shareholders but, since that $68.2 million represents a nearly 30 percent boost in the company’s stock price last week, we don’t think there will be any problem there — but there we go speculating again.