Throughout my career, I have developed a solid blend of communication, project management, sales, technical and account management skills with the ability to build long-standing relationships. I have the ability to look at the whole problem; for example, thinking about relationships, being concerned about the feelings of others and focusing on the real impact of my decisions and actions. I am an experienced business professional who thrives in a competitive, fast-paced, environment while continually growing and advancing my skill set.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management           Business Management              Client Training

Relationship Building             Solution Sales                Strategic Leadership

Team Building                    Business Development     Accounts Receivable


“In my short time with Stephen, he has proven himself to be a fast-learner and a detail-oriented individual who has NEVER missed his quota. I’ve come to rely on his performance, sound judgment and ability to see the “bigger” picture while maintaining focus on the immediate task at hand. With that said, I gladly extend a confident endorsement of Stephen as a person as well as a solid contributor to any organization.” April 16, 2010

Jerry Wheaton , Vice President of Sales , Callfinity
managed Stephen S. at Callfinity

“Stephen worked on a project related to a partnership opportunity between Callfinity and Veramark. In three days, he made over 300 calls, and engaged our customer base in a professional and articulate manner. In the end, Stephen made Veramark look good in front of our customers and identified an opportunity for significant revenue generation going forward. I am hopeful that I will have the chance to work with Stephen again in the near future.” April 15, 2010

Josh Bouk , Senior Vice President, Global Services , Veramark Technologies
was with another company when working with Stephen S. at Callfinity

“In my time in business and in sales I have met many people but I have found very few with the determination and desire that I have seen in Stephen. He is a person of extraordinary attention to detail and is always looking for a better, more efficient way to please the client or prospect client. I have seen Stephen go the extra mile on many occasions even though he knew what he had already done would be sufficient for most. I know that I thought of Stephen as an asset that I could not do without in my time with him and I am sure that anyone that works with him now or in the future will certainly share my sentiment.” April 8, 2010

Jared Gonzalez , National Account Manager , Callfinity, Inc.
managed Stephen S. indirectly at Callfinity

“I have had the pleasure of managing Stephen while he has worked as a Software Sales Consultant at Callfinity. Stephen has maintained a high level of work ethic, that has become the model for success within his current role. He has continually hit his goal and maintained high levels of activity. He is a quick learner and adapts well to ever changing business initiatives. I would recommend Stephen highly to any organization.” April 8, 2010

Christopher Mott , Inside Sales Manager , Callfinity
managed Stephen S. at Callfinity

“Stephen is a highly-motivated professional who is dedicated to exceeding performance goals. He is focused, patient and tenacious. He is experienced in communicating with customers and establishing positive relationships. He would be a great addition to any team.” December 16, 2009

Floyd Streeter , Engagement Manager , Callfinity
worked with Stephen S. at Callfinity

“Stephen was always on time and accounted for, and never complained about anything(even with a huge pile of work). He has many skills, and a can do attitude with everything left on his plate. Extremely professional and very good at bringing up morale with his positive attitude towards life in general. -AG” March 22, 2010

Adam Goodyear , Manager , BlueTie
managed Stephen S. indirectly at BlueTie, Inc.

“During the time I worked with Stephen Cook I found him to be a honest and dedicated hard worker no mater what tasks he was given.” December 17, 2009

Bradford Durham , Accountant II (Accounts Payable) , BlueTie, Inc.
worked directly with Stephen S. at BlueTie, Inc.

“One of the most positive aspects of working with Stephen was his dedication to customers. A perfectionist, Stephen would never consider a project completed until it met his rigorous standards. His positive attitude, sense of humor and willingness to help other employees made Stephen one of the most enjoyable team members to work with. He would never refuse to chip-in, and when the work day was stressful, he would always know what to say or do to keep morale high and everybody motivated. Stephen’s patience with customers, open ear and ability to clearly explain products, instructions and information make him an immensely valuable asset in any role.” March 22, 2010

Aaron Gettings , Implementation Specialist , BlueTie, Inc.
worked directly with Stephen S. at BlueTie, Inc.

“Stephen is a guy who could make any customer feel completely at ease during transition, and who was a key asset. He’s highly motivated and goes to extra mile to get the job not only done, but done right.” August 9, 2009

David Andruczyk , Sr. Systems Administrator , BlueTie, Inc.
worked with Stephen S. at BlueTie, Inc.

“Stephen worked with my sales team in our Customer Service group. He is a dedicated rep who earned accolades from his co-workers and my reps for his commitment to our customers. As with any CS group you have to deal with the bad along with the good and Stephen always worked with customer issues, regardless of the customer attitude, with a positive and friendly manner that solved issues and turned potential customer losses into wins. Stephen is an asset to any organization.” March 17, 2010

Larry Rutter , Vice President of Sales , BlueTie Inc
managed Stephen S. indirectly at BlueTie, Inc.